Unique outdoor adventures with trusted guides

Go for a hike, explore wildlife or support a nature conservation project – it’s more fun in a group. 

  • Discover new exciting places in nature every weekend
  • Join fun activities and out-of-the-ordinary experiences
  • Enjoy a well-organized trip with a trusted guide
Unique outdoor adventures with trusted guides

How it works

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Our mission: Experience & conserve nature

Nature enriches our lives. It can be thrilling and adventurous, it makes us happy, healthy, and creative. Especially if we can enjoy it together.

But all that is in danger if we don’t change our attitude toward nature and start conserving it. Nature Meet wants to contribute:

  • We enable first-hand experiences in the wilderness that sharpen our awareness of the value of biodiversity.
  • We connect like-minded individuals to strengthen the coalition for conserving wildlife and protected habitats.
  • We actively support nature conservation and we never leave a trace.

We bring people closer to nature and closer to each other.

Our mission: Experience & conserve nature

Who we are

We are a bunch of nature enthusiasts who want to share their passion with others.
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“Up for a dip in an ice-cold lake.”
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“I like squirrels.”


“Camping and drums.”


Trip planning


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"Support frogs: Quak."

Our story

We love nature and being outside.

We have been joining and organizing outdoor trips with friends as well as strangers for a long time. Being physically active in nature inspires us and we noticed that joint nature experiences are powerful in binding people together (much better than awkward dates where people don’t know what to talk about).

But we also had to experience first-hand that it takes a lot of effort to find or organize a really cool adventure with people who share our enthusiasm. Yet, doing so should be easy, as there are many great guides who have something to give and many open-minded people who are always ready for the next adventure. That’s why we decided to create Nature Meet, a community that brings people closer to nature and closer to each other.

In the past, we have founded six other social startups that help people to change the world together and strengthen our community bonds.

Have a look: GoVolunteer, GoNature, Hautfarben, MACHWERK, HiMate and Jobs4Refugees.

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